On August 5, 2021, The 2021 Kleresca International Academic Terminal Training Conference has successfully held in Guangzhou.

On the morning of July 31st, Professor Liu, Jingyan, vice dean and doctoral supervisor of School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University and senior visiting scholar of Cornell University, visited KLOX. Chairman Peng, Jianjun and CEO Li, Bin attended the reception.

FLE has become an important research area for prestigious Universities in Europe, such as University of Copenhagen in Denmark, which actively recruit PhD, postdoctoral and visiting scholars from around the world. Klox, in collaboration with University of Copenhagen, selected biomedical scholars from 985 universities in China to participate in the project and provided them with financial support.

On the morning of June 25th, Professor Deng Fan, the executive Director of Guangdong Society of Cell Biology, Director of Department of Cell Biology of Basic Medical School of Southern Medical University, visited KLOX.

KLOX, a regenerative medicine multinational biotechnology company focusing on the study of damaged mitochondria and cell behavior, announced that its products LumiHeal and Kleresca will be officially unveiled at the 19th Guangdong International Medical Device Expo in 2021.

On October 18, KLOX held the "KLOX Bio-technology Open Day" activity

On July 30, 2020, at 3:00 PM, the 2020 International Symposium on The Latest Technology of Chronic Wound Treatment and Dermatology was held in Guangzhou, China

During Targeting Mitochondria 2019, KLOX Technologies Inc. have received the Innovation Award for their study on the assessment of the effect of Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) on mitochondria dynamics.

Publication in Science Direct – Interest of photobiomodulation in the management of acute second-degree burns

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