Alliance with Larnor, and a strong presence in one Shenzhen Bay No. 1

The FDA certification of LumiHeal means that LumiHeal has opened up a huge market in the world

Praised FLE as "the beautiful combination of regeneration and spectral medicine"

"Fluorescent Light Energy" from KLOX was highly recognized by President Wang of Shenzhen Plastic Surgery industry Association.

In the afternoon of October 22, Professor Hu Jun, former President of Jinan University and President of Guangdong Academy of Greater Bay Area and "One Belt, One Road" Studies, and his party visited KLOX and was accompanied by Mr. Peng Jianjun, Chairman of KLOX (Asia) Biomedical Group, and Mr. Liu Zhongjun, Chief Operating Officer of the group.

On October 20, KLOX successfully held the "Global Leading FLE Mitochondrial Regeneration Technology Application Symposium".

On Oct. 18, KLOX successfully held National End-Seller Demonstration Site Communication Meeting with the participation of more than ten distributors and twenty institutions in key medical beauty markets, represented by Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and Changsha.

On September 17, KLOX 's FLE technology launch and city partner kick-off event was held.

From September 4 to 6 at the China International Beauty Expo (Guangzhou), KLOX presented its cutting-edge “FLE - Mitochondrial Regeneration Technology”, which has long been popular in European and North American markets.