"As soon as man leaves the matrix
 he keeps his eyes open in pursuit of light."
What a incredible thing
It makes grass grow, flowers blossom, trees leaf
It nourishes the myriad forms of all things, lighting up the spring flowers in summer, guarding the autumn rain and winter snow
All beauty is born of light, and light shines without reward
Light is silent majesty, light is great being
With gratitude and respect for the light
Biopharmaceutical pioneer Dr. Francesco Bellini walked into the light
Led scientists in Denmark and other countries to study light
FLE amplifies the magic power of light
It makes mitochondria repair, cells regenerate, skin rebuild
Klox’s unique fluorescent light illuminates the skin of thousands of patients, as well as their lives
Bright future, illuminated by us



At Kleresca we aspire to transform the way skin is treated. Our technology stimulates the skin’s own repair systems in a harmless, non-destructive, and painless manner.

Wound Care
Wound Care

Wound Care

Lumiheal technology stimulates the biological repair processes of the skin painlessly.