KLOX Welcomes Professor Hu Jun and His Party, to Promote Development of High Quality and Innovation in Industry

In the afternoon of October 22, Professor Hu Jun, former President of Jinan University and President of Guangdong Academy of Greater Bay Area and "One Belt, One Road" Studies; Professor Li Wenjing, Dean of School of Management of Jinan University, Professor Huang Yadong, Dean of College of Life Science and Technology of Jinan University; Dr. Ling Zishan, Vice Dean of School of Management of Jinan University; Li Jinyi, Associate Professor of School of Management of Jinan University; Ms. Chen Yuping, Vice President of Education Development Foundation of Jinan University and Associate President of the 4th EMBA Federation; Ms. Peng Lili, Deputy Director of Alumni and Career Development Office of School of Management of Jinan University and well-known Taiwanese entrepreneur Huang Zhenglang and more guests visited KLOX and were accompanied by Mr. Peng Jianjun, Chairman of KLOX (Asia) Biomedical Group, and Mr. Liu Zhongjun, Chief Operating Officer of the group.


Chairman Peng Jianjun extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and gave Professor Hu Jun and his party a grand tour of the headquarters of KLOX (Asia), a detailed introduction of KLOX’s development history, corporate culture, product development and international team, as well as demonstrating the products in practice.





Afterwards, both parties had an academic exchange in the VIP room, and Mr. Liu, COO of KLOX, analyzed and demonstrated the principle behind FLE mitochondrial regeneration technology and the effect of the products, so that the guests could further understand the uniqueness of FLE mitochondrial regeneration technology and its wide application in medical and medical beauty fields.


Chairman Peng Jianjun said, KLOX has been committed to technology development and product innovation. Based on the world's leading technology platform FLE in the field of mitochondrial regeneration, KLOX’s products have been proven to have safer and more significant efficacy in repairing acute, chronic and difficult wound such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, as well as in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, treating rosacea and other medical beauty conditions, and have been widely recognized in foreign medical, medical beauty fields and various research institutes. In the future, KLOX will continue to respond to the call of President Xi Jinping, align with the frontier of world science and technology, cater to the people's life and health needs, and continue to march into the breadth and depth of science and technology.


In the symposium, Prof. Hu Jun highly affirmed the technical R&D strength and medical achievements of KLOX. Prof. Huang Yadong, Dean of School of Life Science and Technology of Jinan University, also expressed that he and his school, a leading international pharmaceutical research and development center, hope to carry out in-depth collaboration between the university and the company in regard to medical technology innovation, provide more support in the introduction of talents, and jointly promote the development of high-quality innovation in the medical and medical beauty industry.