Pioneering anti-aging way emerged, sharing the trend of science and technology

On January 11, 2022, Launch Conference of "Fluorescent Light Energy" held by Klox Biomedical Group was held in Shenzhen.

On the launch conference, KLOX demonstrated the scientific research product "Fluorescent Light Energy", which symbolizes the new era of non-invasive medical beauty and painless wound treatment.

KLOX adheres to the mission of "Deep global technology, benevolence for health", creating infinite possibilities for high-end skin management and chronic and acute wound treatment.


In the conference, Chinese executive director of the association of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery association of Guangdong province, Shenzhen plastic industry association, vice President of Wang Xiaolu was invited, principal leaders of KLOX, top industry experts as well as many partners represent to the scene, together to witness the glorious moment of FLE.


In the conference, Mr. Zhang Yihong, a medical beauty expert, aiming at "What is the trend of skin beauty in 2022? “discussed with guests.

Nowadays, people are suffering from life pressure, environmental changes and other problems, resulting in bad skin condition and even the risk of "disfigurement". In addition to skin inflammation, there are other causes of skin trauma, for these problems of the skin FLE came into being.


The focus of medical beauty and dermatology in 2022 is skin repair based on the principle of people's life and health. FLE is designed to adhere to the use of safe and healthy method in all types of dermatological treatment, for the benefit of mankind.

KLOX's research achievements in the field of dermatology and wound management can be described as successful, promoting the medical development of skin repair. The application of FLE has pushed the management and diagnosis of human skin wounds into a new historical process.

"The trend in 2022 are set to change based on KLOX's unique FLE mitochondrial regeneration technology." Mr. Zhang Yihong said.


Based on KLOX's innovative FLE, the platform is the only regenerative treatment on the market that can be used for a wide range of skin types at any age using a treatment device plus a light conversion gel.

FLE will enter the medical beauty market to provide a mild and effective non-destructive treatment for the skin." KLOX expert said. In dermatology, FLE is mainly used in medical cosmetology to reduce skin inflammation and pressure, and increase collagen.

FLE – is also used in the field of wound management to solve chronic wounds such as DFU, VLU; acute wounds such as burns and post surgery wounds. "In the field of wound management, FLE is far ahead of others." The experts said.

In addition, the event also launched dermatology products Kleresca, at present, the product has been promoted and used in more than 10 cities in China, allowing more users to experience the magic effect of FLE.


Since establishment in 2007, KLOX has successfully launched dermatology product Kleresca and wound care product LumiHeal. In the world, it has obtained 136 invention patents and won the innovation Award issued by the World Mitochondrial Organization.

Representatives of medical clinics from all over the country came, hoping to be the first to learn about FLE and introducing it to their institutions. Compared with existing cosmetic medical projects, the FLE can truly achieve no trauma, no pain, no hormone, is a revolutionary medical beauty treatment.


Years of product development before commercialization of its products is the trusted foundation of KLOX. With the rapid development of Medical aesthetics in China, many organizations are in urgent need of introducing new technologies and products to promote their business.

This conference is not only the launch of FLE, but also the achievement of the cosmetic medical industry to gather here, jointly discussing the future development of the medical beauty, and the use of FLE to solve the anti-aging, repairment, skin care and other skin management is the general trend.


The successful holding of the launch conference also represents another initiative of KLOX to enter the Chinese market. KLOX aims to create the 2022 Chinese light medical beauty skin management trend. The introduction of FLE in China's medical beauty will bring good news to more patients suffering from skin problems.